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The Law Office of Justin N. Tierney

The Law office Of Justin N. Tierney

Practice Areas


The Law Office of Justin Tierney, established in 1993, represents  clients in Federal and State court throughout Northern and Central  California.  Specializing in civil litigation, the firm represents:  contractors, insurance companies (and their insureds), cities and  special districts, businesses, and individuals.  The firm also works  with numerous third party administrators, collective risk pools  and  self-insured clients to provide premium representation at reasonable  rates. 

Contact the law firm today for professional references including:  insurance and third party claims supervisors and adjustors, risk  managers, current client representatives, contractor general managers  and business CEO's and owners.


Whether it’s a simple, limited jurisdiction case or complex civil  litigation involving dozens of litigants and millions of dollars, each  case receives diligent, personal attention to resolve the dispute  efficiently and effectively. Time is money and litigation takes time,  but through communication and listening to your needs and goals, we can  develop a strategy to end the litigation through straightforward  investigation and discovery toward early settlement negotiations, when  possible, and to aggressive representation at trial, when necessary. 

In addition to the areas of practice listed below, the firm defends  civil rights (Section 1983) cases and Americans with Disability Act  cases (including access issues) in federal court.


Since 1986, when he was admitted to the California and Federal Bar,  Mr. Tierney has worked for just about every major insurance company in  the United States.  Mr. Tierney either  has represented or currently  represents insureds of: Zurich, Munich RE, Transamerica (TIG), Maryland  Casualty, Coregis, American Alternative Insurance Company (AAIC),  Continental (CNA), Aetna, Argonaut, Lloyds of  London, USAA, Great  American Insurance Company, Ohio Casualty, Nationwide, York Insurance  Services, and Nova Casualty/AIX Group.  In addition, the firm works for  self insurance groups including nonprofit entities and associations. 

Property and personal injury claims range from construction defect,  premise liability, product defect, negligence, strict liability, to  motor vehicle accidents.  Defense has been afforded under General  Commercial Liability and Automobile Policies (with occasional coverage  and additional insured/indemnity analysis).  In addition Mr. Tierney  represents common carriers and for over 10 years, Mr. Tierney  represented Greyhound Lines in Northern California that spanned not just  premises liability but major bus accidents including defense of  numerous lawsuits arising from a bus roll-over accident where school  children alleged post traumatic stress syndrome.

Working within the policy and reporting requirements of each of these  carriers, Mr. Tierney recognizes the unique relationship between an  insurer and insured and strives to provide both the carrier and its  insured with regular reports (including litigation plans and budget),  constant communication and updated evaluations that explore options for  resolution to keep attorney fees and expert costs reasonable while still  providing the insured with an excellent defense. 


In addition to defense pursuant to insurance policies, the firm  represents self insured contractors and other contractors directly.   From large to small, design to construction, and from geotechnical to  the chimney flashing on the roof, Mr. Tierney has represented general  contractors, engineers and architects, underground utility contractors,  asphalt suppliers and contractors, concrete suppliers, place and finish  contractors, framers, drywallers, stucco and plasterers, HVAC, sheet  metal subcontractors and roofers. 

Hundreds of construction defect cases have spanned almost 25 years -  every trade and every portion of both residential and commercial  development (that even reaches to representing local building officials)  with excellent results for the contractor each time. Mr. Tierney and  his staff understand their role as attorney, listen to the contractor  and explain each step in the litigation process towards a positive  outcome. 

In addition, Mr. Tierney drafts construction contracts, enforces  Mechanics’ and Construction Liens and represents contractors in contract  disputes.


California has enacted a statutory framework that overrides and  limits liability to the State, Cities and Counties, Towns and  municipalities. Known as the California Tort Claim Act, Mr. Tierney has  been representing the State of California (Caltrans), and local  governments since 1986. 

For 15 years, Mr. Tierney was outside litigation counsel working  directly for Mono County Counsel in cases involving wrongful death,  dangerous condition of public property, law enforcement defense, child  protective services and just about every aspect of litigation involving a  local government in California. 

In addition, the firm regularly defends the State of California,  Department of Transportation (through indemnity and additional insured  agreements), local parks and recreational districts, and Cities and  Counties throughout Central and Northern California in cases ranging  from a child injured at a public playground to defending a Sheriff’s  Deputy or Police Officer in a motor vehicle negligence case.


Since the early 1990’s, Mr. Tierney has been a settlement judge pro  tem for the Sacramento County courts a Dispute Resolution Facilitator  for El Dorado County and conducts mediation and judicial arbitrations  for the courts throughout Central and Northern California including  Solano and Yolo Counties. For the Federal Courts, Mr. Tierney is an  early neutral evaluator (mediator) for 42 USC 1983 actions and other  civil rights and federal lawsuits. 

In addition, private mediation and binding contractual arbitration  services are offered at reasonable rates ($250 per hour with no minimum)  in a comfortable setting.  There are several “break out” rooms in a  quiet, midtown Sacramento location with plenty of free, street parking  and many excellent restaurants within walking distance.  Located minutes  from the Sacramento Airport the office is located adjacent to Highways  5, 99 and 80, near the Sacramento County courthouse and the Federal  Courthouse for the Eastern District of California.